About us5Stars

The Royal Kitchen has been established since 2000. A fully licensed free house Chinese restaurant with over 55 seats which has ample parking facilities.

We cater for many occasions such as a romantic dinner for two, family gatherings, parties, and special events, or just to meet up with friends and just have a drink at the bar.

In Chinese food, every individual province has its own characteristics and specialty cooking style, yet all of these different styles of cooking can be grouped under four main categories: Canton, Peking, Szechuan and Shanghai.

Proprietor Tak has an in-depth knowledge in the catering trade for 45 years and is an expert at producing outstanding quality traditional dishes. We strive to offer you superior Cantonese cuisine coupled with an enjoyable dining experience. We offer an extensive menu of over 170 individual dishes, which feature a variety of specialties prepared only with the highest quality ingredients in traditional and authentic ways.

Customers are welcome to try our King Do spare ribs, Black Bean Sauce dishes, Szechuan sauce dishes and especially our Aromatic Duck, which has an exceptional sauce which can be compared to anywhere in UK, Europe and even China.

Within this extensive range of culinary offerings, we have selected dishes mainly from the most famous and popular areas of Cantonese Cuisine. It is our aim to make sure that every customer can truly enjoy and experience our unique Chinese gourmet at the Royal Kitchen.

We pride ourselves on quality in every area from the service to food preparation, and we were recently awarded a 5 stars rating for Food Hygiene.